To Be Titled

Artist: Anna

Lena's Comment: It's me! It's me! It's-me-it's-me-it's-me! A very lovely image, too. I like it muchly, and not just because it features me... And by the way, my hair is nearly that long in real life.

Anna's Comment: I drew this for a filler I made for Lena once, actually, back when she had this idea that she should be doing comics on Mondays. Well, she came back from the dead in time to do her own comic, and I saved the picture and extended it to include legs, as well as making some small modifications. I was very proud of the picture, since it turned out exactly as I wanted it, even if it has no shading. She is sad, longing for something... something she lost... (originally is was her connection, but... maybe she has more reasons to be sad?)

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