Nekkid Girl

To Be Titled

Artist: Anna

Lena's Comment: A girl who appears to be elven... and is at least partially naked. I like the detail on her eyelashes. Once again, she seems to be sad. I really have nothing much to say about this image...

Anna's Comment: This was an experiment I made on an oekaki board somewhere random--I am not used to the tools, so it was an interesting experience, and it turned out pretty good, so I saved it. The fact that she is naked is because, it's easier to draw people without including clothes. *shifty eyes* So I only do this when I show more than I should of the characters otherwise. *likes drawing collar bones, and this is hard when someone has their shirt on*

Oh, and--she does have a very clear, slightly michievous smile. Why do people always say my characters look sad?!

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