Full Name: Zelph SilverStar (Zehls Yehti'aikehnan)
Nicknames: Zelphie, Zehlyi, Zelphie-poo
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Elf
First Appearance: March 20, 2005

Zelph SilverStar

Zelph is an elven girl who never quite seems in control of anything around her.


In appearance, she is short, even for an elf. She has long greenish brown hair, usually in one or two braids, and brownish green eyes. She is easily overlooked, which suits her just fine. If the situation makes it convenient, she has been known to disguise herself as a human, a boy, or both at once.


Zelph is very shy, except around her friends. She believes that everyone is good at heart... yet inanimate objects tend to scare her. People do too, despite her beliefs. She tends to feel responsible for her friends, and that makes her far more serious than she'd otherwise be. She doesn't often get angry, unless she's talking to FallingLeaf. In general, she completely avoids talking around people she doesn't know, but if she feels that by doing so she's failling to protect her friends, then she will become far more outgoing.

Color: Silver
Food: Strawberries
Activity: Reading

Zelph carries a staff, and is able to use some magic. Her main talents are fireballs and force magic—she can move things without touching them. She can also sometimes make shields. She can mindspeak as well. She has the completely undesirable ability to mess up any transportation spell, including her own, almost all of the time. This does not make her companions, who'd like to get places faster than walking, happy.

In terms of her place in elven society, Zelph is a wind elf. She belongs to the na'alor StarWind. However, as she is often out on adventures rather than at home, she isn't around the other members as much as she might like.

If Zelph encounters a problem that she doesn't know how to solve, her first response is usually to burst into tears and blame herself for everything. She also is easily discouraged, and gives up quickly. Well, for the most part, anyway... occasionally she's as stubborn as can be.

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