Full Name: FallingLeaf (Nrehnaiye'an)
Nicknames: Leaf, Leafie, Ye'an
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Elf
First Appearance: March 30, 2005


FallingLeaf is an elf who rarely thinks before acting, and who consequently makes a lot of enemies.


He has light brown hair, cut fairly short, and he's about average in height for an elf. He has grey eyes.

He is very protective of those he's decided that he can trust, especially Zelph, Eolill, and Izzy. He argues all the time with Eolill, but he's come to trust her and will work with her if he thinks it's neccessary. He'll still probably complain a lot about it, though. Especially if she calls him Leaf, a nickname he thinks she's unworthy of calling him by.

Color: Green
Food: ???
Activity: Gardening

He can use mostly earth-related magic. He's excellent at growing plants, for example. Besides that, he can also use mindspeech and do decent transport spells. His shields, although slightly better than Zelph's, are nothing special. His one other talent besides earth magic is being able to sometimes unravel other people's spells, causing them to collapse. This has occasionally been very useful. He's not terribly reliable, though...


FallingLeaf is an earth elf. Considering how much he picks fights, it's suprising that he doesn't have more enemies in his na'alor, but in fact most elves near his home don't actually hate him. It's possible this has something to do with him not being around them all that much.

He tries to solve most problems with violence, accusations, and a lot of yelling and threats. Oddly, if that doesn't work, he also tries to solve his problems with large amounts of daisies. Go figure.

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