Full Name: Isabella Calico
Nicknames: Izzy, Izz, Izzy the Bell, Izzbell
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Kattie
First Appearance: April 29, 2005

Isabella Calico

Izzy is a Kattie who is at times unreasonable, complains a lot, and is annoying and proud of it... and yet, everyone can't help but like her.


She has long blonde hair, and calico fur. She can walk on four legs, or two. She has blue eyes. She's cute, like every other Kattie, although some may say that she's cuter than most.

Izzy is very, very, annoying! And that's when she describes herself, too. When others describe her, they might well add another couple of "very's". Although she's 15 years old, she generally acts more like she's 6. She's always hyper, nice yet confused, and everyone seems to love her and her stories (even people who were just threatening to kill FallingLeaf and the others). She really hates rainy days.

Color: Yellow
Food: Pineapple
Activity: Dancing

Besides the fact that she wouldn't actually fight anyone if she could, her magic isn't really useful for it anyway. She can mostly do earth magic, although she is also capable of mindspeech and transportion spells. However, she's better at applying her earth magic than FallingLeaf is, and will help with finding food, or make cages out of thorny plants to trap those bad guys.


Izzy has four sisters and three brothers: Catnip, Bella, Aurora, Misha, Bob, Steve, Minshi. She's an earth Kattie.

If Izzy runs into a problem, which doesn't occur all that often, there are several things she'll try. She'll bounce up and down, and she'll complain a lot, and probably in the end a hoard of people who adore her will help her.

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