Full Name: Eolill
Nicknames: Ill (by Leaf)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Mosaw
First Appearance:March 20, 2005


Eolill is the practical person in the group, and gets to make sure that what needs to be done gets done, if everybody else is busy studying or watching flowers grow or something.


She is tallish for being a mosaw girl, or around normal height for a human. Her hair is brown and shoulder-length. She has a greenish gray face with big black eyes that would look kind of scary to some people not used to them, and they make her expressions slightly off, compared to other species with smaller eyes, even if Izzy's nose does something similar to her facial expressions.

Eolill is hot-tempered, and often suspicious, but she can change her mind if she feels she was wrong (which is a huge difference between her and FallingLeaf). She always has a smile for everyone, a joke, and a quick reply. She argues a lot with FallingLeaf, their personalities clashing, but will be more cautious around strangers and try not to upset them or anything. She'll still team up with FallingLeaf as soon as they're in danger and Zelph is about to do something stupid and gullible. She is not particularily responsible, if she can avoid it, and gladly lets Zelph do that instead. She's a bit too daring sometimes, partly just to be a counterweight to Zelph's carefulness.

Color: Yellow
Food: Ham and Potatoes
Activity: ???

Eolill has some water magic, she just doesn't know how to use it, and only recently got to know about it. She feels slightly that magic isn't her thing, as it's not a concept she was really brought up with, and for quite a while she was the only one in the group who didn't have it, or at least so they thought, and she grew into her palce in the group as the one who thought in a way that magic-users tend not to. She is way more here and now than any of the others.

Now, Eolill comes from a rough race, where expectations are high and there are traditions - many good, don't get me wrong - that you don't easily get away from. If they're abused, as they were by Eolill's tribe's Colonel Toursa (the king, of sorts), then that might mean bad things. Eolill got annoyed and left, being a rash kind of person, even for being a mosaw. Ranks among mosaws are displayed by differently colored headbands, and when she ran away from home she made a yellow one for herself, since none of the official ones are yellow, and since yellow is her favorite color, as a sort of sign, a proof to herself that she is her own master. She says the rank it shows is Free One.

If Eolill is faced with a problem, it's handled with a lot of grumphing and muttering, if it's inanimate, and she is of the opinion that if a little violence doesn't solve it, more will. If it's about people though, she'll use trickery, persuasion, flattery (<--not often, though) or if nothing else works she'll just get so frustrated she goes into a fit of rage.

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