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Both Anna and Lena check their emails somewhat frequently. Also listed here are the emails of several of the people who other characters are based on, as they are very cool people too.

Anna (Eolill):

Lena (Zelph):

Grace (Isabella):

Instant Messaging

Considering that we idle a great deal of the time, if you send us a message and we don't respond, please don't think we're ignoring you. We really do want to talk to you!


AIM: zelphtheelf, zehlyi (plus others too numerous to list)
Yahoo: zelph_the_elf
ICQ: 162760077


This is less about contacting people and more about the promise I made Izzy that I'd link her site.

Anna's Blog

Lena's Blog

Zelph's Domain of Anarchy, Randomness, and Utter Chaos

Zelph's Forum of Anarchy, Randomness, and Utter Chaos (This is where we all met)

Izzy's Site

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